13 January 2009

Self-reminder: food-related vocabs (Indonesian-English-Italian)

Vocabs related to food-making in Bahasa Indonesia (of course! After all, I AM Indonesian), English, and Italian.

a little about everything

I'm talking about what to write in this blog.  I've got some ideas on what to put, but i still haven't decided which outlet i'll be using. So I suppose it's better to start anyway, with whichever that happen to cross my mind.  We'll see how it develops then.

One thing for sure though, eventhough I'm more to the type who prefers having things on my fingers, this blog thing is a way of carrying out my NY's resolution.  So many projects and so many ideas... They have been broiling inside but haven't been materialized.

As for the style of the blog, I don't know yet whether I'll have it journal style or what.

Anyway... Here goes...