27 February 2009

New-found ability

Finally, a post about my new-found ability: cooking.

Ever since I was still in high school age (you see, I attended all-girls school run by nuns, so obviously they taught us also some women survival skill ;-)... ), I have always been interested in cooking. But of course, back then in Jakarta I never did explore more of this certain interest. Let's say that the only thing I ever made -- successfully -- was Brownies.  Nothing else. Once I tried making Panna Cotta, but it failed miserably. (I think I put the wrong kind of vanilla thing there, so it turned out to be bitter. Perhaps too much of vanilla essence, vanillin, or whatever, can't remember anymore.)  I did like to collect recipes from magazines though, in fact i have several bundles of folders on recipes only.

Living on my own in Italy brought out the hidden ability, so it seems. What was only some theoritical knowledge of cooking now has become a personal explorative hands-on experience. So i believe i am entitled to be a bit proud of this achievement.  :D

I made this for a little gift to my boyf's sister on her birthday. She is on diet, so this is a good one for her, so she said.  Here is my Ricotta Apple Pie.


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